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Affinity Starr is a fire-hearted, fair-headed fierce vintage vixen who started her burlesque journey in 2010. By losing herself in music, letting it guide her, while always maintaining a commanding grasp on her audience, she will dance straight into your hearts. In her acts she always likes to tease with a clue or two, leaving you begging for the solution.


In 2013 she got even more intimately involved in the world of burlesque when she and Miss Redina founded the NPO Burlesque Estonia which regularly gives burlesque classes to up-and-coming artists, with Foxy Suzy pitching in as a teacher.


Affinity Starr and Miss Chrissy Kiss also co-produce the biggest burlesque event in Estonia – Sticky Nipples Revue. They add to it by hosting a smaller, wine-dine-tease format called Kama-Rama.


In addition to that Affinity is a member of Estonia’s biggest burlesque troupe Secret Silk Showgirls.


„Glitter, tease, and glamour – fun and drama all in one.“



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