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Understanding the seduction of a stocking peel in the context of voyeurism vs interaction. We will start out with short introduction to burlesque - history, classic burlesque poses, walks, moves.Then we will master stocking peels in a sitting and standing position in context of a sensual striptease.Whether these peels are for the stage or for the bedroom, you'll be surprised and delighted by how much you can do with a simple set of stockings! No burlesque experience necessary.


Aimed at anyone who wants to do a fun class, novices, budding burlesque performers or established. Suits all levels.

Duration: 90min


Bump'n' Grind - shaking up a storm!

You'll shimmy, shake, undulate, bump, grind, wiggle, jiggle, twirl and swirl your way through the classic burlesque moves.  You will learn sexy vintage and retro dance moves from the 1950’s will be explored along with vintage finishing poses and shimmy work for both lower and upper body, focusing on bumping and no grinding with the lower body. You will be giggling, hip flicking and grinding in no time within a safe and fun environment.


Not only will you walk away with a few new moves for the boudoir, but this is also a great workout!  

So no  corsets – wear something flirty and comfortable and don’t forget to bring your high heels.



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